Window Cleaning

At The Outdoor Cleaning Company we have invested in the latest hi-tech cleaning systems such as a heated pure water fed pole systems to ensure our customers have the clearest views.
We are also very skilled in the use of traditional window cleaning equipment when it is suitable for use.
This lets us provide the best service to meet our customers requirements from residential to commercial.

Benefits of the hot water fed pole system (Reach & wash system):

  • It’s safer for the cleaner as he/she can clean upper floor windows from ground level.
  • Water-fed pole systems let us clean your window frames and surrounds at no extra cost.
  • It does not compromise privacy as upstairs windows are cleaned from ground level.
  • It is not necessary to dry windows, so there is no risk of cloth-smears being left on the glass.
  • It’s environmentally friendly as no detergent or other chemicals are used.
  • The hot pure water lifts stubborn dirt and mold much better and easier leaving your windows cleaner for longer.
  • Unlike ladders, poles do not need to be used on even ground, meaning windows that are inaccessible to a ladder can usually be reached with a pole. Long poles can also safely reach windows that are up to 80 feet high, much higher than can be reached with a ladder.

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