Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know a light layer of dust on solar panels can reduce performance by up to 25%??..

We can clean solar panels from the ground using hot pure water delivered through carbon fibre poles and a brush. It is very safe and effective the hot water allows us to remove more stubborn debris which would normally be left behind with cold water. We may require a power access platform to access some solar panels… some examples below of what can dramatically reduce your power supply;

  • Bird droppings
  • Dirt and dust deposits from fields and high winds
  • Industrial and vehicle pollution
  • Saps, pollens and debris from trees
  • Moss, lichen and fungus
  • Salt deposits in coastal areas
  • Fertilizer & pesticide sprays in rural areas

All this light dirt which may go un-noticed to the eye from the ground but can seriously prevent the solar panels ability to produce electric up to 25%. We recommend that you have solar panels cleaned every 6 months for most areas or quarterly if you live in a costal or a heavy pollution area.


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Please scroll down for some examples of our work in progress.

Cleaning  solar panels on a 2 story home safley from the ground.

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This picture gives a good illustration of dust deposit!..

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