Frequently asked questions

  1. Why are my windows still wet after a clean?

We use pure deionised water that we create in house so we carry a tank in our van and pump it up through a telescopic carbon fibre pole with a soft brush on the end. The brush is there to agitate the dirt and the water rinses it away leaving clean windows to dry naturally.


  1. Do you clean the window frames and sills?

Yes we clean all of the window frames and sills included at no extra cost every time. We only don’t clean frames and sills if pre agreed i.e. if they are in poor condition.


  1. Can you clean the windows above my conservatory or extension?

Yes because we use the water fed pole system we can reach pretty much every window as long as we can see it we should be able to reach it look at some pictures below for examples.


  1. Do you clean windows the old fashioned way?

Yes we do in areas where it’s more beneficial to use traditional techniques such as some shop fronts and some windows under shelter or if we are unable to gain easy access with our van.


  1. Do you still clean windows in the rain?

Yes we clean windows in light rain as rainwater is relatively pure so doesn’t effect the quality of the clean.


  1. How can we pay you?

We accept cash, Bank transfers and cheques. If you’re not in on the day you can let us know a safe place where you can leave the money/cheque if not we will pop a payment slip through the door for BACs transfer we expect to be paid within 7 days of the clean.


  1. Do you clean my windows on the same day?

No we can arrive on any day on the week that your windows are due to be cleaned this is so we can organise our work as efficiently as possible.


  1. Do you let me know when you are due to clean our windows?

We will send out a reminder the week before they are due to be cleaned via text/email or phone call.


  1. How often will you clean my windows?

We normally clean on a 4 or 8 weekly basis but can provide 6/12 weekly in some areas or shorter for commercial properties such as shops who may require daily/weekly.


  1. Can I reschedule the clean?

We try to accommodate when requested but we operate rounds so we book your windows in when we clean others in your area so it doesn’t always work we can however clean the accessible windows and charge accordingly.


  1. Can I miss a clean?

You can miss a clean if you inform us in advanced but bare in mind that if you inform us after we have informed you what day we are arriving it will be to late for us to fill that slot. If you have a habit of cancelling cleans we will remove you off the round as we cannot operate in this way.


  1. Why do you inform me when your due to arrive?

We like to let our customers know what day we will be coming so that you can make sure access is available i.e. leaving a side gate open. If we can not access all of your windows we will clean the windows we can access and charge accordingly.